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About Lineweights

About Lineweights

Lineweight is a property assigned to graphical objects, hatches, leader lines, and
dimension geometry that results in thicker, darker lines.

The current lineweight is assigned to all new objects until you make another lineweight current.
In addition to setting an explicit value for the lineweight, you can set lineweight
to ByLayer or ByBlock.

  • If the current lineweight is set to ByLayer, objects are created with the lineweight
    assigned to the current layer.
  • If the current lineweight is set to ByBlock, objects are created using the default
    lineweight setting until the objects are grouped into a block. When the block is inserted
    into the drawing, it acquires the current lineweight setting.

Display Lineweights

Lineweights can be turned on and off in a drawing, and are displayed differently
in model space than in a paper space layout.

  • In model space, a lineweight of 0 is displayed as one pixel wide, and other lineweights
    use a proportional pixel width. Lineweight display in model space does not change
    with the zoom factor. For example, a lineweight value that is represented by a width
    of four pixels is always displayed using four pixels regardless of how far you zoom
  • In a paper space layout, lineweights are displayed using real-world units, and lineweight
    display changes with the zoom factor.
  • By default, lineweights are plotted with the exact width of the assigned lineweight

  • Regeneration time increases with lineweights that are represented by more than one
    pixel. To optimize performance, turn off the display of lineweights on the status
    bar. This setting does not affect plotting lineweights.
  • The lineweight of dimension lines and extension lines can also be controlled separately
    with the Dimension Style Manager.
  • If you need fixed-width lines such as would be used for a printed circuit board, use
    wide polylines instead of lineweights.

Plot Lineweights

You can control lineweight plotting and scaling in your drawing in the Plot or the
Page Setup dialog boxes. You can also plot objects in your drawing with custom lineweight
values: use the Plot Style Table Editor to adjust the fixed lineweight values to plot
at a new value.

You can use plot styles (STYLESMANAGER) to apply different line join and line end styles to objects with
lineweights. These styles are displayed only in a full preview using PREVIEW or PLOT.

Learning AutoCad

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