About Installation and Configuration Tools

    About Installation and Configuration Tools

    A number of tools are available to assist in the process of installing the product
    and configuring how it works.

    You can perform some configuration tasks during installation, while others must be
    done afterwards.

    The following tools are available to help install and configure the product:

    • Install Wizard – Installs the product as a stand-alone seat.
    • Deployment Wizard – Creates a multi-seat deployment that defines custom settings and files to provide
      a consistent configuration for multiple users.
    • Network License Manager – Configures and manages a license server.
    • Add/Remove Features – Enables and disables components of the product through the Windows Control Panel.
    • CAD Manager Control Utility – Enables and disables some features independent of the product installer.
    • Options dialog box – Manages the support paths that the product uses to locate custom files and sets
      custom settings. Many of the custom files and path locations can be set in a deployment,
      in addition to specifying the current profile.
    • Customize User Interface (CUI) Editor – Customizes the user interface and transfers customization between CUIx files. CUIx
      files can be set in a deployment.

    The following resources can be helpful to getting the product installed and licensed:

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