About Improving Windows Performance

    About Improving Windows Performance

    Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows 8 provide a number of features that allow you to
    improve your computer’s performance.

    You can use the following Windows features to improve the performance of your computer:

    • Performance Information and Tools
    • Windows Experience Index
    • ReadyBoost
    • Disk Cleanup

    If performance of your AutoCAD-based product seems to be slow, consider doing the

    • Disable Windows Aero, transparency used for application windows, if you are using
      Windows 7.
    • Make sure the latest Service Pack for your AutoCAD-based product is installed.
    • Make sure you are running the latest certified driver for your AutoCAD-based product.
    • Consider reducing the number of graphics cache files or their size that your AutoCAD-based
      product creates and maintains. (CACHEMAXFILES and CACHEMAXTOTALSIZE system variables)

    For additional information, display the Windows Help and Support viewer to learn how
    to use the previously mentioned Windows related features, and about other settings
    that might improve the performance of your computer.

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