About HP-GL Configuration

About HP-GL Configuration

Learn about configuring an HP-GL plotter.

This nonsystem driver supports HP-GL, a pen plotter language that has vector-only
capabilities. Raster objects are not supported. Before you plot, you need to provide
information about the color and width of each pen in your plotter.

The Microsoft HP-GL Windows System Printer driver cannot be used with AutoCAD-based
products. Use this nonsystem driver instead.

Using Emulated Devices

Different HP-GL models use different coordinate systems. If you are using an emulated
device, be sure to choose the HP-GL model your device is emulating; otherwise, your
plot could be rotated, offset, or mirrored. If your device doesn’t exactly emulate
any of the HP devices, you might try one of the two Generic models. These models allow
user-defined paper sizes of up to 100 x 100 feet. Also, if the “simplified HPGL” custom
property is selected for the Generic models, the HPGL RO instruction will not be sent
to the plot file.

Generic SHPGL produces HPGL output that assumes that the coordinate origin is at the
lower left corner of the page. Generic LHPGL produces output that assumes that the
coordinate origin is in the center of the page.

The officially supported HP-GL devices connect by RS232 serial ports. If you are using
an emulated device that has a parallel port, select Show All Ports on the Ports page
of the Add-a-Plotter wizard or in the Plotter Configuration Editor to access available
ports on your computer.

Learning AutoCad

arn about configuring an HPGL plotter. This nonsystem driver supports HPGL , a pen plotter language that has vector-only capabilities. Raster objects are not …HP–GL/2 driver supports a variety of HPGL/2 pen plotters and ink jet plotters. This is a generic HPGL/2 driver that is not optimized for any …HP–GL is a printer control language created by Hewlett-Packard (HP). HPGL was the primary … Typical HPGL files start with a few setup commands, followed by a long string of graphics commands. The file was in ASCII (text file) format, …HP Procurve Switch 4108GL— …. Configuration Commands and the Context Configuration Modes . . 3-13.HP–GL/2 requires leaving the PCL printer language mode and entering … chapter, beginning with Chapter 19, The Configuration and Status. Group.HP printers and printers listed below. References …HPGL Configuration Parameters. There are a number of configuration parameters available for HPGL plotting via the Tools, Configuration, HPGL Plotting menu.Configure HPGL plotter for AutoCAD R13. Set up pen assignements for HPGL Plotter in version 13. Produce a plot file from AutoCAD 13. AutoCAD R14.settings, HPGL/2, and PJL. Chapter 13 on page 397 contains some examples of HP RTL raster programs. Chapter 14 on page 403 lists, in alphabetical order of …