About DXB Driver Custom Properties

About DXB Driver Custom Properties

Specifies custom properties used to output to a DXB file.

The DXB nonsystem driver outputs a drawing to the DXB (drawing interchange binary)
file format, a file format that has only vector capabilities. In AutoCAD-based products
(not applicable in AutoCAD LT) the output is compatible with the DXBIN command and
with the ADI DXB driver delivered with earlier releases. It shares the following limitations
of the ADI driver:

  • It produces 16-bit integer DXB files containing only vectors.
  • DXB output is monochrome; all vectors are color 7.
  • Raster images and embedded OLE objects are not supported.
  • The driver ignores object and plot style lineweights.

Use the Custom Properties dialog box to set the maximum resolution of the DXB output.
Because 16-bit DXB files have a limited coordinate space, the highest resolution settings
are only available for smaller “paper” sizes. If you select a high value for maximum
resolution and then select a large paper size (for example, ANSI E), a warning is
issued indicating the resolution was reduced to accommodate the large plot size.

The resolution control primarily influences the tessellation level of objects. If
you set the resolution to a low level, arcs, circles, text, and so on, will be drawn
with less tessellation, while at higher resolution settings, more tessellation segments
are generated, which creates a larger plot file.

Entities such as solids and lines with thickness are stroked with line segments that
have a single-dot width. Decreasing the resolution decreases the number of segments
needed to fill these entities and reduces the DXB file size.

This DXB file driver does not plot raster-image entities. The driver plots an outline
rectangle instead.

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