About Displaying Actions and Parameters

About Displaying Actions and Parameters

Parameters, actions, and their relationships (dependencies) are displayed in different
ways in the Block Editor. You can specify settings for some of these elements.

Action Display

An action displays its name and icon (a lightning bolt) in the Block Editor. Actions
are grouped into bars, which display all actions associated with a parameter.

Hover the cursor over an action icon to display

  • The associated parameter
  • The associated selection set
  • Additional objects that belong to the action

Custom Block Authoring Tools

You can create custom block authoring tools, which you access from the block authoring
palettes. In order to preserve the default tools on the block authoring palettes,
you should create a new palette for custom block authoring tools. You can then copy
a parameter set tool from one of the existing palettes and paste the copy onto the
new palette.

Dependency Highlighting

When you select a parameter, grip, or action in the Block Editor, its associated
objects are highlighted. This is called dependency highlighting. You can turn dependency highlighting on or off.

The following example shows how dependency highlighting creates a halo effect for
the associated parameter (labeled Distance) and action (labeled Stretch) when you
select the custom grip in the Block Editor.

The following table shows what is highlighted when you select an element in the Block

Selected object

Objects that display dependency highlighting


Associated grips and actions


Associated parameter and actions


Associated parameters, grips, and the selection set (geometry)

Learning AutoCad

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