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About Detail Views

    About Detail Views

    A model documentation detail view is a projected view from an existing model documentation
    drawing view, which shows a specific portion of the view at an enlarged scale.

    The illustrations below show the different entities generated by the VIEWDETAIL command,
    and the terms used to refer to them. Detail view styles control the appearance of
    each of the listed entities.

    Constraining Detail Boundaries

    If infer constraints are turned on (CONSTRAINTINFER=1) at the time you create the
    section view, constraints are inferred between the view geometry and the detail boundary.
    When view updates take place, the constraints ensure that the detail boundary retains
    its position in relation to the features it highlights. In some cases, you may require
    constraints that are more complex than the inferred constraints. In such cases you
    can manually constrain the detail boundary to the view geometry, using a special edit
    environment known as the “symbol sketch mode”. The sketch mode allows you to add additional
    geometry to assist you constrain the detail boundary. This geometry is considered
    construction geometry and is visible, only in symbol sketch mode.

    Relationship with Parent View

    When you rotate a parent view, the view geometry in the detail boundary also rotates
    with it. If the detail boundary is rectangular, it remains aligned to the horizontal
    and vertical directions. The detail view remains in the original position. The preview
    that appears as you rotate the view makes it possible for you to see if the connection
    line crosses another drawing view. If the detail view had been rotated prior to rotating
    the parent view, the earlier rotation is overridden, and the detail view reflects
    the current rotation of the parent view.

    If you change the scale of the parent view, the detail boundary also rescales. The
    identifier, and arrowhead sizes remain unchanged. These are controlled by detail view
    style settings.

    If you delete a detail boundary, the corresponding detail view is also deleted. If
    you delete the detail view, the detail boundary, identifier and arrowheads are also

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