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About Customizing Ribbon Panels

About Customizing Ribbon Panels

You can create ribbon panels from scratch or from an existing ribbon panel. Once a
ribbon panel is created, you can add, rearrange, and remove commands or controls on
a ribbon panel.

Ribbon panels are organized by rows, sub-panels, and slide-out elements to organize
how commands and controls are displayed on the ribbon. A slide-out is automatically
added to each ribbon panel and is used to determine which rows are shown by default.
Rows located below a slide-out are displayed only when a ribbon panel is expanded.

Ribbon tabs are used to control the display of ribbon panels on the ribbon. Once a
ribbon tab is defined and ribbon panels are added to it, the ribbon tab needs to be
added to a workspace in order for it to be displayed in the application window.

The following table describes the properties of the Home 2D – Draw ribbon panel as
they appear in the Properties pane.

Properties for the Home 2D – Draw Ribbon Panel

Properties Pane Item




Name of the ribbon panel; does not appear in the user interface.

Home 2D – Draw

Display Text

Title of the ribbon panel; displayed when the ribbon is set to display titles or when
a panel is floating.



Specifies the character sequence to access the ribbon panel from the keyboard when
the Alt key is pressed.

NOTE:In order to use keytips, the MENUBAR system variable must be set to 1.



Specifies the aliases for the ribbon panel. Each alias in a CUIx file should be unique
and is used to reference the ribbon panel programmatically.


Element ID

Tag that uniquely identifies the ribbon panel.


NOTE:You can also create a ribbon panel from an existing toolbar or a dashboard panel from
an earlier release of the program.

Learning AutoCad

spu can create ribbon panels from scratch or from an existing ribbon panel. Once a ribbon panel is created, you can add, rearrange, and remove commands or …Ribbon Panel. In the Customize tab, Customizations In <file name> pane, click the plus sign (+) next to the Toolbars node to expand it. Right-click the toolbar that you want to copy and convert to a ribbon panel. In the CUI Editor – Confirm Copy to Ribbon Panels Node dialog box, click Yes.ribbon tab is created, you can then add references to the ribbon panels you want to display when a ribbon tab is current. After a reference to a ribbon panel is added to a ribbon tab, you can control the ribbon panel's initial display order on the ribbon tab when the ribbon tab is added to a workspace.Ribbon contextual tab states use the same ribbon tabs that you use to control the display of ribbon panels through a workspace. Instead of using a workspace to …7 Feb 2011… We covered how you can create your own AutoCAD customization file and add your own commands, panel and ribbon tab there. In this article …… Andrew Maser sends us a tip on customizing the AutoCAD ribbon to improve access to frequently used commands and tools. "I find it useful to …customize ribbon panels. 3 Add, reposition, and remove commands from the ribbon. 4 Create and display a ribbon tab on the ribbon.… This is the area I am going to focus on, as this allows you to create a Custom Command panel on any Ribbon tab, and fill it with any commands …Customize User Interface Editor by clicking the Manage tab of the ribbon, Customization panel, and then User Interface (see Figure 1). Once you have …