About Creating and Customizing Pull-Down Menus

About Creating and Customizing Pull-Down Menus

You can customize the pull-down menus on the menu bar by adding and removing menu
items and submenus.

You can add commands to a pull-down menu for easy access from the menu bar, while
not losing a large amount of space on the screen. Commands can be displayed as a single
item or grouped with similar items under a submenu. A pull-down menu can contain up
to 999 commands. The command limit includes all menu items in a hierarchy. If the
commands on the menu exceed these limits, the program ignores the extra commands.

If a pull-down menu is longer than the height of the screen, it is truncated to fit
and the ability to scroll the menu is added. When the pointer cursor is near the top
or bottom of the menu, the menu scrolls up or down automatically.

NOTE:When a menu is created, you should determine in which workspaces you want the menu
to be displayed. By default, a new menu is displayed in all workspaces.

Pull-Down Menu Aliases

Pull-down menus should have one alias in the range of POP1 through POP499. Menus
with an alias of POP1 through POP16 are displayed on the menu bar by default when
the customization (CUIx) file is loaded. All other menus must be added to a workspace
to be displayed.

Learning AutoCad

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