About Controlling the Display of Dimension Units

About Controlling the Display of Dimension Units

The numeric values of dimensions can be displayed as a single measurement or in two
measurement systems. In either case, you can control details of how the numeric values
are presented.

The settings for primary units control the display of the dimension values, including
the unit format, the numeric precision, and the decimal separator style. For example,
you can enter the diameter symbol as a prefix, as shown in the illustration. Any prefix
you specify replaces the prefixes normally used for diameter and radius dimensions
(unicode 2205 and R, respectively).

These settings are available on the Modify/New Dimension Style dialog box, Primary
Units tab.

Control the Display of Alternate Units

You can create dimensions in two systems of measurement simultaneously. A common
use of this feature is to add feet and inches dimensions to drawings created using
metric units. The alternate units appear in square brackets ([ ]) in the dimension
text. Alternate units cannot be applied to angular dimensions.

If alternate-units dimensioning is on when you edit a linear dimension, the measurement
is multiplied by an alternate scale value that you specify. This value represents
the number of alternate units per current unit of measurement. The default value for
imperial units is 25.4, which is the number of millimeters per inch. The default value
for metric units is about 0.0394, which is the number of inches per millimeter. The
number of decimal places is specified by the precision value for alternate units.

For example, for imperial units, if the alternate scale setting is the default value,
25.4, and the alternate precision is 0.00, the dimension might look like the following

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