About Controlling Geometry With the Parameters Manager

About Controlling Geometry With the Parameters Manager

The Parameters Manager lists dimensional constraint parameters, reference parameters,
and user variables, which you can also create, edit, and organize.

You can easily create, modify, and delete parameters from the Parameters Manager,
which supports the following operations:

  • Click the name of a dimensional constraint parameter to highlight the constraint in
    the drawing.
  • Double-click a name or expression to edit it.
  • Right-click and click Delete to remove a dimensional constraint parameter or user
  • Click a column heading to sort the list of parameters by name, expression, or value.

Use Operators in Expressions

Dimensional constraint parameters and user variables support the following operators
within expressions:

Operator Description
+ Addition

Subtraction or unary negation


Floating point modulo


/ Division
^ Exponentiation
( ) Parenthesis, expression delimiter


Decimal separator
NOTE:With imperial units, the Parameters Manager interprets a minus or a dash (-) as a
unit separator rather than a subtraction operation. To specify subtraction, include
at least one space before or after the minus sign. For example, to subtract 9″ from
5′, enter 5′ -9″ rather than 5′-9″.

Understand Precedence in Expressions

Expressions are evaluated according to the following standard mathematical rules of

  1. Expressions in parentheses first, starting with the innermost set
  2. Operators in standard order: (1) unary negation, (2) exponents, (3) multiplication
    and division, and (4) addition and subtraction
  3. Operators of equal precedence from left to right

Functions Supported in Expressions

The following functions are available for use in expressions:

Function Syntax
Cosine cos(expression)
Sine sin(expression)
Tangent tan(expression)
Arc cosine acos(expression)
Arc sine asin(expression)
Arc tangent atan(expression)
Hyperbolic cosine cosh(expression)
Hyperbolic sine sinh(expression)
Hyperbolic tangent tanh(expression)
Arc hyperbolic cosine acosh(expression)
Arc hyperbolic sine asinh(expression)
Arc hyperbolic tangent atanh(expression)
Square root sqrt(expression)
Signum function (-1,0,1) sign(expression)
Round to nearest integer round(expression)
Truncate decimal trunc(expression)
Round down floor(expression)
Round up ceil(expression)
Absolute value abs(expression)
Largest element in array max(expression1;expression2)
Smallest element in array min(expression1;expression2)
Degrees to radians d2r(expression)
Radians to degrees r2d(expression)
Logarithm, base e ln(expression)
Logarithm, base 10 log(expression)
Exponent, base e exp(expression)
Exponent, base 10 exp10(expression)
Power function pow(expression1;expression2)
Random decimal, 0-1 Random

In addition to these functions, the constants Pi and e are also available for use in expressions.

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