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About Content Explorer Search Options

About Content Explorer Search Options

This topic provides a summary of the options available when entering search terms.

Use these options to get more accurate search results.

Wild Cards

Use wild cards to narrow your search to portions of text.


Represents any number of characters.


Represents a single character.

Searches are always done as if there is a trailing asterisk (*). You do not need to
put an asterisk at the end of a search phrase.

Property Name and Value Pairs

A <property:<value pair is a property name and its specific value.

For example, enter author:jsmith in the Search box to find all of the DWG files where the author was JSmith.

More than one <property:<value pair can be used. For example, to search for all AutoCAD drawing files identified
as “seating” and created by JSmith, enter objecttype:seating author:jsmith in the Search box.

Edit properties and values for your files in the appropriate properties dialog box
for your program.

NOTE:You can substitute other items for property names; for example, in AutoCAD, you could
use a block attribute instead of a property.

Text within Items

Use the text:<string pair to search only for text entities, such as leaders, fields, hyperlinks, MText,
tables, or any other text that might be present in an item. This type of search parameter
does not search file-level properties, such as Author or Title.

For example, enter text:reviewed in the Search box to find all of the files with text entities containing the string

Boolean operators

Use the Boolean operators such as AND, OR, NOT to refine your search.

For example, to search for all files identified as “seating” that were not authored by JSmith, enter objecttype:seating NOT author:jsmith in the Search box.



Searches for x AND y in any order. The search granny AND smith returns anything containing
both words.


Searches for either x OR y. The search granny OR smith returns anything containing
either word.


Searches for x but NOT y. The search granny NOT smith returns anything containing
granny but not smith.

” ”

Searches for the exact phrase contained within the quotation marks. The search “granny
smith” returns everything containing the exact phrase granny smith.

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