About Connections (Custom Properties Dialog Box)

About Connections (Custom Properties Dialog Box)

Specifies the connection type for CalComp plotters.

CalComp stores plot data as records. Each record starts with one or two specific characters
called SYNC codes, and each record ends with one specific character called an EOB/EOM
code. You can use a checksum character to validate the plot record. You must set up
the plotter to expect SYNC codes, EOB/EOB codes, and checksumming in the plot data.
If the plotter setup does not match the driver, the plotter ignores the plot. If you
use the CalComp Device Control Language commands, this driver will set up the plotter

Connection Fields

Dialog Box Field Description
Number of SYNC Codes Sets the number of SYNC codes.
SYNC Code Precedes each CalComp plot record. This code can have a value ranging from 2 through
127, inclusive. These codes directly relate to an ASCII character. If you are not
using CDCL, the plotter SYNC code settings must match the driver SYNC codes.
EOB/EOM Code Indicates the end of a CalComp plot record. The End of Buffer (EOB) or End of Message
(EOM) codes directly relate to an ASCII character and can have a value ranging from
2 through 31 inclusive.
Timeout Defines an amount of time the plotter waits for data. If the plot data sent to a plotter
stops, the plotter will wait for the timeout period set here. After that time is reached,
it terminates the plot and force plots the data it received.
Enable Checksumming Adds a checksum character in front of the EOB/EOM code to verify a plot record. The
plotter driver calculates the character and the plotter uses it to validate the plot
record. Using serial XON-XOFF protocol or Centronics parallel protocol, the plotter
can detect a checksum error but cannot recover from it. In these two physical connection
modes, checksumming has no value.
Add Pad Characters Adds padding characters to the plot record in the event the plotter encounters a buffer
overflow error.

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