About Configuring External Databases

    About Configuring External Databases

    Before you can access external databases from the program, you must configure them
    using the Microsoft آ® external ODBC and OLE DB programs.

    Once you have configured your databases, you can access their data from the program,
    even if you do not have the database system that created the data installed on your
    system. You can access data from the following applications:

    • Microsoft Access
    • dBase
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Oracle
    • Paradox
    • Microsoft Visual FoxPro آ®
    • SQL Server
    NOTE:With MDAC versions 2.1 and higher, you cannot edit dBase files unless you have a Borland
    DataBase Engine (BDE) installed on your computer.

    Once you have successfully configured a database to use with the program, a configuration
    file with the extension UDL is created. This configuration file contains the information
    the program needs to access the configured database. By default, UDL files are stored
    in the Data Links folder. You can specify a different location for UDL files from the Options dialog

    The following topics demonstrate how to set up a data source using ODBC, and how to
    configure data sources so that you can use them with the program. For detailed information
    about ODBC and OLE DB, refer to the following online Microsoft resources:

    • OLE DB Help
    • ODBC Help
    • ODBC Microsoft Desktop Database Drivers

    Bypass ODBC Using an OLE DB Direct Driver

    Several database management systems supported, have direct drivers available for
    OLE DB. If you use these direct drivers, you do not need to set up configuration files
    from within both ODBC and OLE DB; you only need a single OLE DB configuration file.

    Direct database drivers are available for the following database systems:

    • Microsoft Access
    • Oracle
    • Microsoft SQL Server

    Use ODBC to Create a Configuration File

    ODBC is an intermediary program that makes data from one application available to
    other applications.

    Configure a Data Source with OLE DB

    You can use OLE DB to establish a UDL configuration file that points to an external
    database table.

    Substituting SQL Server for OLE DB

    If you are using the 64-bit release of the product and DbConnect with a connection
    that accesses a Microsoft Access database or a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet using one
    of the two following methods, you need to change your connections to use Microsoft
    SQL Server. Microsoft does not support a 64-bit version of these technologies.

    • Microsoft Jet 4.0 OLE DB Provider (for MDB connectivity)
    • Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers (for XLS connectivity)

    Microsoft SQL Server comes in three different editions. If you are accessing data
    from an MDB or XLS file today, you might find that using Microsoft SQL Server Express
    Edition is adequate for your needs. Microsoft also offers Standard and Enterprise
    editions of SQL Server.

    NOTE:You can purchase inexpensive third-party utilities to help automate the conversion
    of data stored in a MDB to a MDF file that can be used with SQL Server. Many of these
    utilities also allow you to export data from a MDF to a MDB file.

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