About Command Aliases

    About Command Aliases

    Command alias are shortened command names that can be entered at the Command prompt
    as an alternative to the standard full command name and are stored in a program parameter
    (PGP) file.

    An example of a command alias is L and it starts the LINE command; entering L is
    much faster than entering LINE or locating the Line button in the user interface.

    Program parameter (PGP) files are plain ASCII text files with the file extension .pgp. This file can be edited using a simple text editor such as NotePad on Windows or
    TextEdit on Mac OS, or the Alias Editor (ALIASEDIT command) that is part of Express
    Tools on Windows.

    NOTE:The first PGP file found in the AutoCAD-based product’s support search paths is loaded,
    which are defined on the Files tab of the Options dialog box.

    When transitioning to the latest release, it is recommended not to copy the program
    parameter (PGP) file from the previous release as you will be missing any new command
    aliases that were added. If you added command aliases to the PGP file used in the
    previous release, use the Migrate Custom Settings utility to migrate them to the latest
    release or you can copy them directly between PGP files.

    Learning AutoCad

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