About Changing Text Scale and Justification

About Changing Text Scale and Justification

You can change the scale of one or more text and attribute objects, or their insertion
points, simultaneously without changing the location of the objects.

Changing the Scale of Multiple Text Objects

A drawing may contain hundreds of text objects that need to be scaled, and it would
be tedious to scale them individually. Use SCALETEXT to change the scale of one or
more text objects such as text, multiline text, and attributes. You can specify a
relative scale factor or an absolute text height, or you can scale selected text to
match the height of existing text. Each text object is scaled using the same scale
factor, and it maintains its current location.

Converting Text Height Between Model Space and Paper Space

The SPACETRANS command calculates equivalent lengths between model space units and
paper space units. By using SPACETRANS transparently, you can provide commands with
distance or length values relative to another space. For example, you may want to
create a text object in model space that matches the height of other text in a layout.
From model space, you could enter

Command: text

Specify start point of text or [Justify/Style]: 1,3

Specify height <0.375: ‘spacetrans

Specify paper space distance <1.000: 3/8

Resuming TEXT command

Specify height <0.375: 1.173

When the command is complete, a text object is created in model space with a height
of 1.173, which appears as 3/8 when viewed from a layout.

NOTE: The SPACETRANS command is not available from the Model tab or in a perspective view.

Changing the Justification of Text Objects Without Changing Their Location

Use JUSTIFYTEXT to redefine the insertion point of text without moving the text.
For example, a table or schedule may contain text that is located correctly but each
text object in the table should be right-justified instead of left-justified for future
entries or modifications.

Learning AutoCad

u can change the scale of one or more text and attribute objects, or their insertion points, simultaneously without changing the location of the objects.justification options or press ENTER to accept the existing text justifications. Enter s and enter the scale factor to be applied to each mtxt …text, prior to changing the justification all scales justified to TL. The annotative scale in the VP is 3/32 and when I change the.change the justification of text/mtext at all its annotative scales? Thanks in advance for …… Font Size by Text Length Vol. I You can do this dynamically for any text. However as of today only one tiny JS snippet is required to insert the …… AutoCAD 2005 includes a few commands to aid the process of changing text properties such as height and justification. These new tools can …… In the line labels the text shrunk from a height of 3.2 to a height of .42. Everything is … Like changing justification and it also changes position.… Change the annotation scale of selected text and cells … To have the Place Note tool dynamically justify the text, go to Element > Dimension …… For some reason I thought when using annotation scale the text would change using its justification. At least I was hoping so. What I found was …Text Controls in the Tool Bar can be used to change the font, the size of the font, formatting, text rendering mode, justification, antialiasing and blend mode.