To Attach a DGN Underlay

To Attach a DGN Underlay

  1. Click Insert tabReference panelAttach. Find
  2. In the Select Reference File dialog, select the DGN file you want to attach.
  3. Click Open.
  4. In the Attach DGN Underlay dialog, select a model name and click OK.
  5. Use one of the following methods to specify the insertion point, scale, or rotation
    of the underlay file:

    • Select Specify On-Screen to use the pointing device to attach the underlay at the
      location, scale, or angle you want.
    • Clear Specify On-Screen and enter values for Insertion Point, Scale, and Rotation
      at the command prompt.
  6. Click OK.

Learning AutoCad

u can import MicroStation® DGN drawing files into DWG files and then copy nested objects for use in the host drawing. The import process translates basic DGN data into the corresponding DWG file data. The DGN data is placed into the DWG as an underlay.Attach DGN Underlay …To Attach a DGN File as an Underlay. On the command line, enter DGNImport. In the Import DGN File dialog box, find and select the DGN file to import, or enter …attaching DGN underlays. List of Options The following options are displayed.Attaching a DGN File as an Underlay. You can attach a DGN file, a file saved in the Bentley Systems MicroStation format, as an underlay. This provides a secure  …… To use a DGN file as an underlay, click on the Insert tab and then in the Attach Panel, click on Attach DGN and select the DGN file you'd like to …… Each of these methods (except drag & drop) will give you the standard Attach DGN Underlay dialog as seen below. If you use drag & drop, the …to attach an external DWG file, a DWF underlay, a PDF underlay, a MicroStation DGN drawing file, a raster image file, or a …… In Microstation when I attach a dgn file in my dwg file, it is attached …. You are probably talking about DGN underlay, which is a different animal.… In AutoCAD 2008, you can attach a DGN file as an underlay to your AutoCAD drawing, similar to attaching a DWF file as an underlay.