About Swapping User Interface Elements Using Macros

About Swapping User Interface Elements Using Macros

You can replace the contents of active pull-down menus, mouse buttons, image tile
menus, tablet buttons, or tablet menus. The swapped content can be that of another
user interface element of the same type in the main CUIx file, or it can come from
a loaded partial CUIx file.

You cannot swap user interface elements that are of different types (pull-down menus
and mouse buttons, for example). However, within a given type, you can swap any user
interface element for any other element.

NOTE:Swapping can lead to some strange behavior for tablet menus, because they typically
have a different number of macros.

Use the following syntax in a macro to swap elements:


The following describes each section of the macro syntax for swapping elements:

Macro syntax for swapping elements


Loads an interface element.


Specifies the element type. Valid names are:

A1-A4 for Aux menus 1 through 4

B1-B4 for mouse buttons 1 through 4

P0-P16 for pull-down menus 0 through 16

I for the image tile menu

T1-T4 for tablet menus 1 through 4


Specifies the customization group that menuname is a member of (not necessary if menuname is in the main CUIx file).


Specifies which section or submenu to insert. It is the main label or alias for the
section to load.

A pull-down menu can be present either in the menu bar or on the active shortcut menu
but not both.

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