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About Groups

About Groups

Groups provide an easy way to combine several objects that you need to manipulate
as a unit. By default, selecting any member of a group selects all the objects in
that group, and you can move, copy, rotate, and modify groups just as you can with
individual objects. After you are done with a group, it is just as easy to ungroup
the objects. The commands are GROUP and UNGROUP.

  • Groups can be named or unnamed. If you plan to organize and access objects in a drawing
    using groups, give the group a name with the Name option of the GROUP command. Select
    groups by name by entering group and the group name at any Select Objects prompt. Unnamed groups are best for temporary
  • Objects can be members of more than one group. Selecting an object that belongs to
    multiple groups selects all groups to which that object belongs.
  • If you need to edit objects within a group, turn off group selection with the PICKFIRST
    system variable, or change the GROUPDISPLAYMODE system variable to use grip editing.

  • Highlight all the objects in any group with the Object Grouping dialog box using the
    CLASSICGROUP command.
NOTE: Avoid creating large groups containing hundreds or thousands of objects. A large
group significantly degrades performance.

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