دستور 3DMOVE

دستور 3DMOVE

دستور 3DMOVE در اتوکد به منظور جابجا کردن اشیاء از مختصاتی به مختصات دیگر می باشد. برای استفاده از این دستور ابتدا 3M را در خط فرمان تایپ کرده و اینتر بزنید. در ویدئو زیر می توانید کاربرد این دستور را ملاحظه کنید.

نکته: دستور 3DMOVE با دستور MOVE هیچ تفاوتی ندارد.






3DMOVE (Command)

In a 3D view, displays the 3D Move gizmo to aid in moving 3D objects a specified distance
in a specified direction.


With the 3D Move gizmo, you can move selected objects and subobjects freely or constrain
the movement to an axis or plane.

If the default gizmo (DEFAULTGIZMO) is 3D Move, the 3D Move gizmo is displayed whenever
you select an object in a view with a 3D visual style. If the visual style is set
to 2D Wireframe, the visual style changes to 3D Wireframe for the duration of the

The 3D Move gizmo is displayed at the center of the selected 3D object or objects
by default. The 3D Move Gizmo shortcut menu offers options for aligning, moving, or
changing to another gizmo.

For example, you can also align the 3D Move gizmo with the plane of a face or object
by using the Align Gizmo With Object option on the shortcut menu. The direction of the move operation is then constrained
relative to this work plane.

The following prompts are displayed.

Select objects

Selects the 3D objects you want to move. When you have selected the objects, press

When you have selected an object, the gizmo is displayed. You can constrain the movement
by clicking one of the following locations on the gizmo:

  • Move along an axis. Click an axis to constrain the movement to that axis.
  • Move along a plane. Click the area between the axes to constrain the movement to that plane.
Stretch point

When you are specifying the move using the gizmo, sets the new location of the selected
objects. Drag and click to move the objects dynamically.


When you are specifying the move using the gizmo, creates a copy of the selected objects
instead of moving them. You can make multiple copies by continuing to specify locations.

Base point

Specifies the base point of the 3D objects you want to move.

  • Second point. Specifies where the 3D object or objects will be dragged. You can also move the cursor
    to indicate a direction and then enter a distance.

Specifies a relative distance and direction for the placement of the selected 3D objects
using coordinate values that you enter at the command prompt.

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